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Management style and company features
Your company does not have a complex hierarchy of positions. The leader is a real leader of the pack, in whose hands the power is concentrated. You are better than others working in a «war" conditions, when you need to collect all the forces for victory. The disadvantage in this situation can only be that strategy and planning - are the words, rather, not about you.
In 2018, try to pay more attention to medium-, and even more so long-termplanning, and in general, it is difficult to give HR-tips to an organization in which, most likely, there is no HR :)
Management style and company features
Management style and company featuresEmployees in your company stably hold the same position and rarely move up the corporate ladder. This can be both a plus, and a minus: the intense struggle for a limited number of possible promotions leads to political games.
To develop your organization, you need to create a culture in which information will not be concentrated in the hands of a limited circle of people, but will be available to all employees of the company. This will help build internal communications and lead to an increase in the overall efficiency of the company. Most likely, in your HR department there are not many masters of all trades, but this should not stop paying attention not only to the "stick", but also to the "gingerbread" in the motivation system. A good solution at this stage can be a grading system.
Management style and company features
Management style and company featuresYou see excellent opportunities in changes and innovations. Your strengths are: strategic planning, approach and implementation of project activities. It is easy for your organization to give HR advice for a year, because you, most likely, have a branched department of staff with the presence of all the blocks. 

An interesting fact is that most large corporations are orange organizations: Walmart, Nike, Coca-Cola, Philip Morris, and others.

Most likely in recruiting you do not have "bad" candidates, there are suitable or not to a certain position. Therefore, for you, the most valuable tools will be those that expand the recruiting funnel, and also help evaluate the candidates for compliance with their posts.When introducing various motivational tools, it is necessary to clearly understand the pitfalls: managers and employees will always trade (when setting up indicators, when establishing and paying bonuses), so the advice can be to move from fictitious Excel-tables to real planning and real budgeting, that people will not be able to take responsibility is so great that if you want to move this process towards a real responsibility on every employee, then you should think about switching to green stage. To do this, enter in addition to material incentives and intangible motivations and associate it with the system of assessing the achievements and competencies of the employee (for example, with an estimate of 360).
Management style and company features
Inside the traditional "hierarchical" pyramid of your company, attention is focused on culture and empowerment, so that employees are extremely highly motivated. The head of such an organization is an assistant who delegates, empowers, motivates and develops. If you do not yet have formulated the highest values ​​and mission, be sure to take up this year's development, since in your organization for these words, most likely, there are real actions. For your company HR is a very influential and valuable resource, usually the head of a whole staff of employees who controls investments in internal processes related to staff.Examples of companies: Southwest Airlines; Ben&Jerry‘s

In a company like yours, interviews are most often assessed by the mindset and behavioral features, so this is the time to master the various resources for valuing the values ​​of future employees, and to develop an adaptation training that talks about the company's values ​​(unless it doesn’t already exist).

You have the most effective tools for the development of internal communications, climate assessments, really working systems of motivation and evaluation of employees. But at the same time being a "green organization" is not so easy, you need to pay a lot of attention to training for managers.

And, finally, if you are ready for a transition to a teal organization, then start introducing elements of self-government.

Management style and company features
You are the organization of the most advanced type that exists at the moment. By modern standards in you, everything and everyone else sets you up as an example. You do not have a hierarchy, you define tasks for implementation. Your company and its members are in constant evolution and integrity. The basis of your work is self-organization. Some duties that are recorded for a person in the usual sense, can pass from person to person, depending on who is better at it. Your organization is the most real and living organism.

Examples of companies: Modulebank, Mindbox, Patagonia, Valve, FAVI, Buurtzorg, Roketbank.

You actually do not need advice, because in companies like yours, the HR function is most often performed by the employees themselves.
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